Saturday, November 27, 2010

He has a fly trap hanging over the kitchen table and it’s Thanks-Giving with all the food sitting on the table.

The place i stay at is krazy. I’m str8 and i have some krazy roommates. When I first arrived there was a fly trap with dozens of dead flies hanging over the kitchen table where you are suppose to eat at. Which is hanging over the toilet now. This Thanksgiving they were cooking with no pot lids and no reynolds wrap with spiders makin webs and the ceiling peeling. I got holes in my wall so you can see in my room. Sometimes they get insecure and think I got their girlfriend or ex-girl friend in my room. I looked up one time saw one of them looking through the hole. I started to reach in my pants and grab some Do-Do and throw at their face (Old School style). Even when I’m using the rest room. Now run and explain that how you got that do-do on yo face. My one roommate’s FAT Girl friend does laundry over there and one time her G-string got mixed up in my laundry. It looked like a long shoe string. Big eating machine. Smelling like bad family. You know the type of person that you could see 10 years later and still have that same smell. That smell from year to year,apartment to apartment, lover to lover, wife to wife. Just takes that smell with them everywhere. The pet bird even has that same smell. And the roommate that has dishes…when the pans are supposed to be clean-the whole pan collection is oily. The dish rags are so greasy and brown they look like big leaves…I be looking for a new spot soon. /Am i doing too much/Or losing my touch/

One Thug:)


Night Time by Tyler Shemwell...G-ESTEEM

/Am i doing too much/Or losing my touch/

...a brilliantly written song about "can't wait until night time comes," with lines like /Riding through the slum/Where i'm from/A place where crack fiends and fat girls love me the most/Some never made it home to take their work clothes off/Afraid they gonna miss something/

-"Real & A Good Time" 

(The Election of President Obama) 44-Life

       (Ring Tone Sold Out!) (Ring Tone Sold Out!)